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Melissa and Rick {married}

We have had a wonderful August long weekend. Melissa and Rick’s back yard nuptials in Sundridge, Ontario were great (and our first of two weekend weddings)! Although we live here in Sundridge, this was our first summer wedding in our home town. It was wonderful and so welcoming. Of course we knew most of the guests and felt very at home in the Ayotte’s beautiful back yard. It was a perfect setting, flowers in bloom, apples trees drooping with fruit, wonderfully shaded, it was a little oasis in the suburbs of Sundridge. After the ceremony we headed straight for the street. Melissa and Rick met over football so we thought it fitting to play a little round.

Here I just a quick little taste of images. I plan to spend most of the day editing and posting, stay tuned. Cheers to Melissa and Rick and to a perfect day!

Much love.

8 Responses to “Apples and Footballs in Sundridge {M & R Married}”

  1. Sue Ayotte (mother of the bride)

    I was so looking forward to seeing some of Kate and Jay’s pictures. They are beautiful and look forward to seeing more. This will be the true test of my emotions for when I had the peak, my eyes started to fill. The day is over and the memories will begin. Thanks Kate and Jay

  2. Bill Ayotte (Father of the Bride)

    Kate and Jason…..you guys did such a wonderful job! You have captured exactly how the day was for Melissa and Rick and all who attended. These are great photo’s and look forward to the rest.
    Thanks again……Bill

    • katehood

      much love to you guys. thanks for the support. we had a wonderful time. edits are almost done! tonight for sure.

  3. Luke

    As always, pictures are so impressive – creative, colourful and inspiring!!

  4. betty savill

    The day was beautiful and the pictures are beautiful. every bone in my body was stiff the next day ,your hubby is adoll. thank you for everything. all the best betty( melissa’s grandmother)

    • katehood

      Oh, Betty! How wonderful to hear from you. Your granddaughter was beautiful, the sun was shining, and I think we caught just about every minute. We loved spending the day with Melissa and Rick. Thank you.

  5. Sean

    I love your use on the natural light in the getting ready shots, and I love the wide angle – really inventive! Fun, fresh series!

    • katehood

      SEAN! I just checked out your site. It’s beautiful! Your work is so colourful. Love it. Keep in touch, I’ll subscribe to blog. Happy glob trotting.

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