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Oh, Jon and Charlotte! How I love theeeeeeee…well, I was lucky enough to get in another little Ottawa weekend before summer is over. J & C will be married in Muskoka but will be living in Ottawa full time after the wedding. We had not yet met, which is usually the case pre pre-wedding. Charlotte was painting nails and Jon was waiting patiently went I arrived. We chatted, and planned, and did a little dreaming. When it was time to leave they began packing! I get REALLY excited when couples “pack” for a photoshoot. It means we’re doin’ it up right! Costume changes, posy posing, lovey loving, and location, location, location. I knew we were meant to be when Jon began packing the bag and Charlotte told me how wonderful, creative, and organized he his! We went everywhere, we shot for hours from Capitol Hill, to the Market, and then back along the Canal.

Pre-wedding sessions are so important to me! I can’t stress this enough, getting to shoot with a couple before the wedding teaches each of us so much. I learned that Jon and Charlotte are uber silly and very sweet. They love to play and pose and ham it up a little. It was awesome. They are awesome!

Cheers to J & C and there HUGE wedding party of fun on Sept 26. I anticipate jumping, wading, golfing, laughing, running, and maybe even some boating! Can’t wait. I really love my job. Jon and Charlotte, I had a perfect day!

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  1. Cristina

    Aww cute couple! Sounds like their wedding is going to blast 🙂 Love that last pic!

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