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Alex and Nathan {almost married}

Can I just say, I am so lucky! This season has been incredible not just because of the weather (it’s rained for every wedding) but because I have the most fabulous brides (and grooms too). Yesterday I met with Alex and Nathan at Port Cunnington Lodge in Dwight. They found out about me early this year from a mutual friend (shout out to C. Poch, also recently engaged and super duper lovey dovey). They all live happily in New Zealand…Alex is Canadian and Nathan is a New Zealander. I’ll try to keep this short because their photos are awesome and my writing is not.

I can’t wait for their wedding! October 3, Muskoka, love, and 200 happy people makes for some incredible wedding photography. So yesterday I met with them. We had never met face to face, only Skype to Skype and Gmail to Gmail. We’ve been in contact so many times before it was like we knew each other already. We walked and talked and planned and waited for the rest of Alex’s fam who all cottage and live locally. After about an hour of dreaming on the dock we found her parents and sister…..aaaaaand the family friend who is doing flowers and decor. Although we were all in relativley close proximity to one another I couldn’t quite see the whole group through bushes. I was warned early in our meeting that the “flower lady” is excitable, like really EXCITABLE! I immediately thought of one of our wedding guest, Janie. There is always one, one fabulous, dramatic, excitable guest. For weeks our friends were asking us about Janie. She is my father’s cousin and a close family friend of my husband. I was well prepared to meet the crazy flower lady. As I was chatting up Alex’s sister Michael, I turn to check out the flower lady…I realized it’s Janie! The flower lady is Janie!!!!!!! My fabulous cousin Janie is doing flowers! We both screamed and got all excited. And begin to giggle about how crazy this whole thing was! JANIE. You’ve met Jane in a recent blog post. I photographed a wedding shower in Brampton, she was there. She’s the one who’s mouth I captured wide open toasting the brides. It was once said about Jane, “you haven’t really had a conversation with Jane until she’s made you cry.” Jane is AWESOME and emotional and sentimental and so kind. It was truly a treat to discover another wonderful connection.

Just one more thing…Alex and Nathan are great. Easy to be with (I think we spent 5 hours together talking and shooting?) and very good looking. Funny too. Nathan was pretty much not into pictures. He hates cheese and described to me many levels of cheese photography. I think mine fell under “cheesey sexy model hot” cheese, at least I’d like to believe it does. Nathan rocked it and even began suggesting placement and composition (maybe he just wanted it to be over?!). In any case I loved the entire day. October 3rd will be FANTASTIC!

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