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Jenn and Pat {got married}

I have been dying to blog about Jenn and Pat! We LOVE them and we loved their wedding.

Where to begin…well Jay and I met J and P just 24 hours pre-ceremony. They live in San Diego and hooking up in Canada became a bit of a challenge. We met with Jenn to do some last minute planning on Friday, did the run around, talked about family, and acquainted ourselves with Bear Estates in Collingwood (aka Cranberry Resort).

We were back on site the next afternoon and began shooting right away. A little worried due to rain, we were thrilled to arrive at Bear Estates to bright blue skies and fluffy white clouds. The men were stoked, hilarious and dashing I might add. The ladies we gorgeous and incredibly easy to shoot. We were so lucky to work with this party…they pretty much entertained every idea we had. From straddling gas pumps to borrowing boats, they did it all.

Did I mention we loved them. Everyone was so kind and gracious, we enjoyed the “high school table” immensely, dinner was incredible, their guests were a breeze to work with. All in all it was perfect, really. We couldn’t have planned a better day. From rain, thunder, and lightning to clear blue skies, to entire rainbows over the marina we had it all. Thanks so much to Jenn and Pat and their uber fabulous super model wedding party! You guys rocked.

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  1. Shelby

    Kate you are awesome! This pics are amazing and it was so great to spend the day with you!!

  2. Lindsay Hagen

    Katie, they’re beautiful! Some fabulous shots… the bride (gorgeous!!) must be so pleased!

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