This is it! This is the new me. The new KHI Photography and Design.

I\’ve been struggling with this for ages….in fact I’ve been waiting for my ubber talented sister to come home and guide me through the process of dreaming up a new brand and logo. Well she\’s done it. We played together all weekend and she did it. I love it. I feel like it is so me. What I struggled with most was creating an image that was appropriate for all of my work. I photograph bellies and babies, I have a bunch of weddings booked this summer, and I also shoot naked people. I needed a grouping of letters that could be used everywhere. Something that was appropriate across the board. AND something simple…no frills, no words, just a little shot of beauty! Of course she did it. She studied it for years. I keep asking her when she\’ll come home and work for me! I\’ve got the photography under control, I want her to brand, design, and layout \’till her hearts content. She keeps asuring me it\’ll be very soon.