What can I say….these two, Tracey and Tim Lance are soooo easy to work with! This is the scoop, Tim and Tracey lance are incredibly talented musicians and just recorded their first CD. I have been hired as a bit of a dreamer…my job is to help facilitate the dream! Through photography and design the four of us are creating the jewel case.

Saturday was the first step. We did our first of a few shoots and really got a great feel for how well we work together. My husband (who is now my “Best Key Grip”) and I were shooting for 10 hours. We did the “formal” shots…dressed up…playing with instruments in the studio from 4-6, then around 9pm the real party started.The guests arrived and we shot all night. It was beautiful. Listen to Tracey and Tim Lance here, http://www.myspace.com/timlance.

Just yesterday they got a first peek at all the shots (http://www.katehood.smugmug.com) and were apparently blown away. I gotta say though, I am only half the equation. I can do lighting and be thoughtful about composition, but the subjects really make it or break it. And Tim and Tracey…they sooooo made it.

Image copyright Kate Hood Inc