I finally made myself take some of those painfully difficult-for shameless self promotion-self portraits. I am working from home more often now and found myself with some time on Wednesday. As KHI Photography I find it so easy to take great pictures of OTHER people. Whether I’m photographing lovers or musicians I usually move forward with some sort of shared vision. But, man…self portraits are a bitch. I tried the char, the stool, scarf, no scarf…blah blah…I didn’t have too much time so I didn’t even bother setting up the connection between camera and computer. I just thought I’d get it all done super quickly. Yeah right.

Well, this is what I ended up with…me with QL 17 in front of face, over to the side, and in focus…out of about 100 shots these are my fave. As a side note I couldn’t tell but I think some photographer friends of mine were making fun of my choice of props. I must confess, the Canonet QL 17 is just a prop, I don’t use it…its pretty much a neat looking (broken) camera/prop.

Anyway…for you local readers (Muskoka, Parry Sound, Almaguin) keep an eye out for the Women in Business 2009 Supplement in the Almaguin News. These shots were not in vain…February 14 the supplement will come out and at least one of these shots will be put to good use.

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