This is long, if you are not interested in my silly, small business struggles and triumphs, move on. However if you are read away! This is a a bit of a rant, with a happy ending.

I was just thinking about stuff… Am home alone working on some current projects. One of those includes some “business cards” for a friend of mine, Luke. Bethy and Luke were over this eve and we got to chatting about photography and his cards and of course the picts of them on my new site, They said some really wonderful things about my work tonight.

Earlier today my sista, Niomessss asked to me to frame some more pieces of my work to fill the walls of her coffee shop, The Red Brick Cafe. Besides that, I know my dear friend well enough to know that any chance she gets she’ll pour a coffee and say “hey, you should get your photo taken”! And I can’t tell you how many photos I’ve taken of her daughter McKinlee, who is now 2 1/2. Saturday night they were over and McKinlee, with an old Polaroid around her neck begins to direct people sitting on the couch to smile while she takes a picture. Her and I have learned a lot from eachother.

I asked my husband last week if I was being ridiculous, this whole photography and design thing…if he thought I was investing too much of myself in it? He said in his most dramatic, high pitched, eye rolling voice “Noooooowwwaaa, Kate this is a passion. You don’t give that up, no matter what”.

I am so lucky to have a group of endlessly supportive friends around me. The truth is without support and love from my inner circle I would have found it very difficult to move forward. Early on I struggled with the direction I was taking this, I tried to balance the expectations of others and my own values and vision. I struggle daily to find and maintain that balance, usually I succeed, but often not without consequence.

It has been 10 months since the incorporation of my business. And I am proud to say I followed gut and my heart. It has not been easy and some friends even suggested I give it up. Thankfully though I didn’t listen because I am having the time of my life…I’m stressed out all the time, I sit face to face with Molly Mac hours on end, and my dishes get neglected. Regardless of the small details I am one very happy girl.

Thanks to my husband, my friends, and my fam. I am lucky.

This is my hubs, Jason and I on out One Month Anniversary. Love him, my dream boat…