My baby finger hurts! I have been spending incredible amounts of time on the computer. When I type my baby finger on my right hand flexes and points to the sky. Yesterday I taped to it’s next door neighbour. That helped only slightly, both became flexed and a little pointy. This problem is becoming a problem. Ideas would be great. I am trying to save the pinky.

Also I am off to 3 shoots this weekend. A mom and baby (mini reunion), a super cute-hilarious family, and two of my favorite lovers ever. The weather is not really suppose to be that great, in fact warm with rain is the prediction. For GD sakes I hope not. This leads me to my next bit…

I am going to build an in house studio. Something homemade, and modest, but a studio none the less. I may have mentioned this already? It’s a very important short term dream.

And finally, well almost finally, web development is something all businesses desire. A web presence is an incredibly powerful thing. I spend my time telling people how important is is for them to really commit to creating this, and I’m just scratching the surface myself. All this telling other people, makes my pinky hurt, too.

And lastly, the VISA business network, on facebook, is offering $100 add dollars to those that join and become fan, do it. Good strategy. Not sure what they can do for me yet, but I’ll fin out. Link,