Man these are good looking people! A fall day in Huntsville, Ontario

This Yoga Goddess Wendy. I think this shot catures her essence.

Had a great 1st 1/2 of session. We all went by the skate park. All three kids…awesome skaters.

I suppose this is typical…I love taking pictures in the fall. I recently did a shoot for a friend of mine, Wendy. I had met her family just a couple of times previously and thought “wow, good looking babies…and husband…need to capture this”. Once into their world I found the dynamic between and older, very mature grade 6 brother and two younger very dramatic twins is pretty unique. The are all entertaining, Syd in particular was very much a drama queen (you can guess which one he is) and all very sweet. The kids and I have a date (or two) for some Candyland and Junior Scrabbie….Can’t Wait!!!! Hi guys…