Here we are, day one of many to follow. I should have done this a long long time ago since it is what I tell other to do and it is what I was taught to do. To clarify, I am here in the blogging world to promote me. To promote my art, sell my skills, and convince others that I know what I’m doing. Here goes… 2 current project in the works…wait many current projects, wait…two realms. Creativity and Logic. KHI Photography has blossomed into something great. I am working towards weddings, babies, and as always more couples. My latest KHI Photography goal is an in house studio. Just something mini, but something great! Kate Hood Inc is working towards something entirely different! Kate Hood Inc is logical, methodical, stressed, and organized. And is currently working on a number of Web Sites and as a consultant for some pre-existing site. Logical and organized… So here is another beginning, a little journal of my stories and adventures. And one super picture of my nike sponsored” dog in the snow…it was a great photo romp today!